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Style: Gothic
Year of birth: 1990
Country: Germany
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Biography of Band

In November 1990 the world started to get curious about Tilo Wolff's Projekt LACRIMOSA as his music in form of a tape "Clamor" reached people in discos and in the Independent and Underground scene. This melancholic music filled with classical elements and surrounded by poectic lyrics and intensive singing was something new which fascinated many and quickly a scene was raising up, which was nearly already forgotten.

For his first release, the LP "Angst", Tilo Wolff was grounding his own label HALL OF SERMON for giving LACRIMOSA the artistic freedom in making music which no other label could offer him. The music of LACRIMOSA was already that time developing from album to album without adapting any other music styles or denying it's roots. Through this progressive development, LACRIMOSA was challenging the tolerance of a widespread audience of the diverse facetts of the alternative Musicscene in the whole world.

LACRIMOSA's music had been coloured by several guest musicians, but in the beginning of 1994, Anne Nurmi joined the former soloproject to become a permanent member. Anne Nurmi, who was the keyboarder, singer and one of the grounders of the finnish band Two Witches, was setting new musical accents with her singing and composing.

The following releases were managing to combine the hardness of Metal and Hard Rock without loosing the most obvious love for classical music. With this revolutionary new sound, Gothic Metal was born, which more and more bands were quickly adapting.

After the collaboration of the world-wide known London Symphony Orchestra, chart positions in the German Media Control Charts up to place 12, sold out tours in Europe, Middle -and south America, on 27th of January, 2003 the new LACRIMOSA album "Echos" is about to see the daylight! With compositions like the nearly 13-minutes Orchestrawork "Kyrie", the single "Durch Nacht und Flut" or the last work, a Requiem for three Gambes and Piano called "Die Schreie sind verstummt" sets "Echos" the definite highlight into the 13-year history of this extraordinary band so far. It is an album, which is again prooving that any kind of expectations in advance are made to be topped, when we are talking about LACRIMOSA. Never before has Tilo Wolff been singing so strong, so clear and so pure and full of emotions like on each of the songs on this album and one can get a picture of the talents of this great composer, arranger, orchestrator and singer.

Members of Lacrimosa

Current Members:
Anne Nurmi. In Band at: 1993 - . Role: Keyboards, vocals
Tilo Wolff. In Band at: 1990 - . Role: Vocals, piano
Past Members:
Eric (Guest). Period: 1992 - 1992. Role: Violin
A.C.. Period: 1995 - 1999. Role: Drums
Jay P. Period: 1996 - 2001. Role: Guitras, bass
Jan Yrlund (Guest). Period: 1995 - 1995. Role: Guitars
Manne Uhlig. Period: 2001 - 2001. Role: Drums
Sabina Rehmann (Guest). Period: 1993 - 1993. Role: Violin
Roland Thaler (Guest). Period: 1992 - 1992. Role: Guitars
Charlo Ite Kracht (Guest). Period: 1995 - 1995. Role: Cello
Natascha Pickel (Guest). Period: 1993 - 1993. Role: Vocals
Gottfried Koch. Period: 1996 - 1999. Role: Guitars
Ulrich Kaon (Guest). Period: 1995 - 1995. Role: Cello
Sebastian Hausmann (Guest). Period: 1993 - 1993. Role: Guitars, bass
Stelio Diamantopoulos. Period: 1992 - 1992. Role: Bass
Philippe Alioth. Period: 1992 - 1993. Role: Keyboards
Jan Peter Genkel (Guest). Period: 1995 - 1995. Role: Bass
Sascha Gerbig. Period: 1996 - 1999. Role: Guitars


Demo: Clamor (1990)
CD: Angst (1991) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
CD: Einsamkeit (1992) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
CD: Satura (1993) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
Single: Alles L?ge (1993)
Single: Schakal (1994) Studio: Hall Of Sermon.
CD: Inferno (1995) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
Single: Stolzes Herz (1996) Studio: Hall Of Sermon.
CD: Stille (1997) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
CD: Live (1998) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
CD: Elodia (1999) Studio: Hall Of Sermon. Tracklist.
Single: Alleine Zu Zweit (1999) Studio: Hall Of Sermon.
CD: Fassade (2001) Studio: Nuclear Blast Records. Tracklist.
Single: Der Morgen Danach (2001) Studio: Hall Of Sermon.
Single: Durch Nacht und Flut (2002) Studio: Hall Of Sermon.
BoxSet: Vintage Classix (2002) Studio: Hall Of Sermon.
Comment: LPs of Fassade, Elodia, Live and all B-sites off the singles
CD: Echos (2003) Studio: Nuclear Blast Records. Tracklist.

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