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Style: Progressive / Neoclassical
Year of birth: 1998
Country: USA
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Biography of Band

Technical Metal act. Corey Brown is ex-vocalist with PSYCODRAMA whilst bassist Kevin Chown is ex-TILES and ARTENSION. The 1999 album 'Chaos To Control' was mixed by DC TALK drummer Rick May. MAGNITUDE 9 guitarist Rob Johnson issued a solo album 'Guitarchetecture' in 1999 which saw contributions from drummers May and John Homan.
MAGNITUDE 9's January 2001 record 'Reality In Focus' would be issued in Japan with an additional track, a version of RAINBOW's seminal 'Man On The Silver Mountain'.

Chown also records with EDWIN DARE and has toured recently with TONY MACALPINE. The four stringer is never less than industrious. The Summer of 2001 had him on the road with LIFE, DEATH & GIANTS, THE LOUNGE LIZARDS and THE BLUES ROCKERS. In October of 2004 MAGNITUDE 9 guitarist Rob Johnson released a guitar instructional video release, entitled 'Shred Guitar Tactics'.

Members of Magnitude 9

Current Members:
Corey Brown. Role: Vocals
Rob Johnson. Role: Guitar
Ian Ringler. Role: Bass
John Homan. Role: Drums
Joseph Glean. Role: Keyboards
Past Members:
Kev Chown. Role: Bass


CD: Chaos To Control (1998) Studio: Inside Out. Tracklist.
CD: Reality In Focus (2001) Studio: Inside Out. Tracklist.
CD: Decoding The Soul (2004) Studio: Inside Out. Tracklist.

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