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Style: Thrash Metal
Year of birth: 1997
Country: Netherlands
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Biography of Band

September 1997, Fabian, Leon, Michel and Sander decided to join forces and start a band. Fabian, Leon and Michel met in college and came in touch with Sander through various sources. In the months after the start, the band started searching for a style. During this search and as the result of differences in artistic opinions Sander left the band. In the months thereafter the band was searching for a replacement and the musical course was plotted. Aggression and speed are the main focal points in the style of the band.

After several months of searching, the replacement of Sander was found in Remy. With Fabian on the guitar and Leon in the role of vocalist and gitarist, Michel behind the drums and Remy as bassplayer they start exploring the depths of the chosen route. The music evolves in a more technical and faster style, but the aggressive side is never out of sight. During this period of time the band`s attitude becomes more and more professional.
The first public appearance took place on the 14th of April 2000 in “Het Kasteel” Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands). After an astounding gig the band left a permanent impression on her audience. Due to the postive critisism the band starts rehearsing again with renewed inspiration.
Due to a number setbacks the following performance took place after a long period of time on the 16th of Februari 2001 in Q-Bus, Leiden (The Netherlands). Because a number of technical reasons the overall impression of the band about the gig was not as positive as the first. Nevertheless the critisism, again, is positive. Causing the band to work even harder then they already did.

The hard work paid off in some way. In May 2002 Nacasante had a gig in The Baroeg (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). The Baroeg is a well-known metal-stage with a grand reputation (Morbid Angel, Vader, and lots more). Allthough there was hardly any crowd, due to the fact PinkPop was in the same weekend, it was the best gig ever. The sound on stage was perfect and everything went well.

The second gig that year, in September 2002, was somewhat of a disappointment. The sound on stage was shitty as ever and a lot of things didn`t go as planned. It was the longest gig played so far (1.5 hours) but without the great satisfaction Nacasante had after the Baroeg.

Generally the musical style can be called trash-metal. The band does not have any intention of creating an innovative style. The numbers however have a wide-spread variation of many different styles of metal, but always raw and drenched in aggression. In general the lyrics expose the drawback of the human race and the consequences of their actions. This, in combination with energetic performances, always makes a permanent impression of each who`s confronted with the band and their music.

Members of Nacasante

Current Members:
Fabian (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Guitar
Leon (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Vocal, Guitar
Michel (Founder). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Drums
Remy (Guest). In Band at: 1997 - . Role: Bass
Past Members:
Sander Koole (Founder). Period: 1997 - 1997. Role: Bass


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