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Style: Black / Industrial Metal
Year of birth: 1995
Country: Norway
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Biography of Band

DHG was originally formed in 1994 under the moniker Dødheimsgard is a conjunction of three words: Død which means death, Heim which means home and Gard which means (at least in this context) mansion. A natural translation of ø into English would be ``The Mansion of Death``, alternatively ``The Realm of the Dead/Death``.

In the year 2000 they shortened their name to DHG. The band regrouped in 2002 with a completely new line-up.

Members of Dødheimsgard

Current Members:
Carl-Michael Eide (Aggressor, aka Czral). Role: Drums
Side projects: Aura Noir, Cadaver Inc., Infernö, Ved Buens Ende, Virus (Nor), Ulver
Bjørn Dencker Gjerde (Aldrahn). Role: Vocals
Side projects: Thorns, Zyklon-B
Yusuf Parvaz (Mr. Fixit (aka Vicotnik)). Role: Guitars
Side projects: Ved Buens Ende
Svein Egil Hatlevik (Zweizz (aka Mr. Magic Logic)). Role: Computer
Side projects: Fleurety
Tom Kvålsvoll (Thrawn). Role: Guitars
Side projects: Paradigma
Kristian Eidskrem (Clandestine). Role: Bass
Side projects: Paradigma
Past Members:
Ole Jørgen Moe (Apollyon). Role: Bass, drums, guitars
Side projects: Aura Noir
Gylve Nagell (Fenriz). Role: Bass
Side projects: Darkthrone, Isengard (Nor), Neptune Towers, Storm, Valhall
Inflahitan. Role: Guitars, bass
Thomas Rune Andersen (Galder). Role: Guitars
Side projects: Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child
Cerberus. Role: Bass
Jonas Alver (Alver). Role: Bass
Side projects: Emperor


Demo: Dødheimsgard - demotape (1995) Tracklist.
CD: Kronet Til Konge (1995) Studio: Malicious Records. Tracklist.
Comment: Reissued in 1999 by Century Media.
????????? ? 1999 Century Media.

CD: Monumental Possession (1996) Studio: Malicious Records. Tracklist.
EP: Satanic Art (1998) Studio: Moonfog. Tracklist.
CD: 666 International (1999) Studio: Moonfog. Tracklist.
Comment: This album has in fact 66 tracks. Tracks 10 to 65 are all nothing but a few
seconds of silence. Track 66 is music for about 1:30, followed by another
approximate 10 minutes of silence.

?? ???? ??????? 66 ??????, ????? ? 10 ?? 65 - ????????? ?????? ??????. ???? 66 - 1:30? ??????, ? 10 ????? ??????.

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