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Band: Kataklysm / Album: Temple of Knowledge /

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1. The Unholy Signature (Segment I, Utterly Significant)
2. Beckoning Of The Xul (Segment II, In The Midst Of The Azonei`s Dominion)
3. Point Of Evanescence (Segment III, Of Sheer Perseverance)
4. Fathers From The Suns (Act I, The Occured Barrier)
5. Enhanced By The Lore (Act II, Scholarship Ordained)
6. In Parallel Horizons (Act III, Spontaneous Aura Projection)
7. The Awakener (Epoch I, Summon The Legends)
8. Maelstrom 2010 (Epoch II, Omens About The Great Infernos)
9. Exode Of Evils (Epoch III, Ladder Of Thousand Parsecs)
10. L`Odyssйe.... Bonus

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