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The huge Metal bands official links collection is bagged here. 3994 by now. Here you will find the information on everyone heavy metal band: the biography, a discography, members. Our metal encyclopedia has all metal genres: Heavy, Black, Death, Doom, Thrash, Power, Speed, Gothic, Sludge and other. If you have new information - you can add it from the page of metal band. If you are owner of a metal band - you can add it from the page "Add Metal Band".

You Are Welcome.

Site News

[20-09-2005] Musicians access release
After a testing of this feature we are opened access for musicians to their information. Please, read information at "Separate musicians access".
[26-07-2005] New feature!
Very soon we will add a new useful feature - musicians will have access to own information! Thus the information on band will be always fresh!
[21-12-2004] Site is updated
Finally written so-so advanced search in the base. If you will find any bug or you will have some useful ideas - please write me!
[14-10-2004] The birthday of creator of this project!
Today is the birthday of creator of this project! We congratulate him with it!
[12-10-2004] Site update
The links section was updated. If you have metal site we suggest you to exchange links with us.

10 recently added metal bands 10 recently updated metal bands
Phlebotomized, Netherlands (05 May, 2008)
Amaranthys, France (07 April, 2008)
Obsidian Reign, Canada (24 January, 2008)
Bloodforge, Brazil (12 December, 2007)
Randomwalk, Greece (11 November, 2007)
Algiz, Russia (18 April, 2007)
Sata, England (18 April, 2007)
Artisian, England (23 February, 2007)
Collusion, USA (10 February, 2007)
Anathema (04 August, 2008)
Unleashed (05 May, 2008)
Gorefest (05 May, 2008)
Phlebotomized (05 May, 2008)
Amaranthys (07 April, 2008)
After Forever (27 February, 2008)
Condemnation (10 February, 2008)
Obsidian Reign (25 January, 2008)
Kamelot (30 December, 2007)

Top 10 Metal Bands

Collusion (32767 Views). Style: Prog/Power Metal
Within Temptation (32767 Views). Style: Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Nightwish (32767 Views). Style: Power Syphonic metal
Iron Maiden (32767 Views). Style: Heavy
Inhumate (32767 Views).
Dimmu Borgir (32767 Views). Style: Sympho Black Metal
Cradle Of Filth (32767 Views). Style: Black Metal
Children Of Bodom (32767 Views).
Cannibal Corpse (32767 Views). Style: Brutal Death/Gore Metal

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