Sorting of metal bands on style: Melodic

Sorting of metal bands on style: Melodic
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Sorting of metal bands on style: Melodic

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AbsurdRussiaMelodic Death MetalInactive
AgathodaimonGermanyMelodic Black MetalActive
AmaranthysFranceMelodic female-fronted metalActive
AnarionAustraliaMelodic Thrash MetalActive
AncestralNicaraguaMelodic Black MetalActive
Anguish SublimeSerbiaMelodic Death MetalActive
AntagarothGermanyMelodic Death MetalActive
Arch EnemySwedenMelodic Death MetalActive
ArkaimRussiaMelodic Death MetalActive
AsgautIsraelMelodic DeathDoomActive
AtroxentisBelgiumMelodic Death MetalActive
AutumnblazeGermanyMelodic Doom Death MetalActive
AvantasiaGermanyMelodic Power MetalActive
Axel Rudi PellGermanyMelodic MetalActive
AzarothPanamaMelodic Black MetalActive
BitternessGermanyMelodic Thrash/Death MetalActive
BloodthirstEnglandMelodic Death MetalActive
Break FaithScotlandMelodic Heavy MetalActive
Buried DreamsMexicoMelodic Death MetalActive
CatameniaOulu,FinlandMelodic Black MetalActive
Cold steel devicePortugalMelodic MetalActive
CypherNetherlandsMelodic deathActive
Dark DreamSerbiaMelodic Death/Black MetalActive
Dark TranquillitySwedenMelodic DeathActive
Darkest Hour--Melodic DeathActive
De-LightRussiaMelodic MetalActive
DeadXHeadRussiaMelodic Thrash Prog MetalActive
DeathlessSpainMelodic Death MetalActive
Die Apokalyptischen ReiterGermanyMelodic Death/Folk MetalActive
ElderdawnSpainMelodic Black / Death MetalActive

Total Bands: 74

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